Are you outside the United Kingdom?

In our experience the UK vehicle leasing and management sectors are the most highly developed in the world and many organisations look to the UK for guidance on how they can improve their businesses.

We regularly work with organisations outside the United Kingdom. No two projects are the same but here is a typical list of the type of work we have done:

  • Improving turnover – vehicle leasing business, France
  • Due diligence support – investment bank, Germany
  • Due diligence support – bond-holders, Poland
  • New product development – vehicle leasing business, Portugal
  • Staff training – vehicle leasing business, Netherlands
  • Move into vehicle leasing – asset finance business, India
  • Fleet software development – software company, Brazil
  • Improvement in management of car fleet – overseas government, Mediterranean
  • Improvement in transport system – overseas government, Mediterranean
  • Writing marketing literature – fleet management company, Australia
  • Reduction of risk – large corporate, USA
  • Reduction of costs – large corporate, USA
  • Improvement in pricing systems – leasing company, France
  • Tendering for new fleet leasing supplier – pharmaceutical company, Ireland
  • Keynote public speaking – multinational fleet lessor alliance, Global
  • Sector analysis – hedge fund, Japan