Pricing Services

We help all manner of businesses improve their pricing.

The science of pricing has moved on leaps and bounds in the past decade, but most organisations haven’t kept pace with developments. Nearly all businesses can tell you how much their products cost them but far fewer can work out the optimum price to quote to a particular customer – the price that maximises the probability of winning the sale at the highest possible price.

We have developed tools, techniques and software to help you calculate the optimum sales price to set, whether your product range is only a handful of products or many thousands.

Pricing is complex. You need to consider many issues before deciding what price to quote.

We help companies set their pricing at the optimum level, so they become more competitive, and have developed a unique pricing methodology – Sardinia – that can be employed in any industry where there is stiff competition for similar products.

We also carry out Pricing Reviews in which we highlight the effectiveness of clients’ existing pricing methods and recommend improvements.

We believe that the tools we have developed are unique – and highly effective.

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