Management Coaching and Development

This aspect of our business is led by Ros Stone.

Ros seeks to develop a person’s skills and knowledge so that their performance improves. Unlike much other training, coaching provides more sustainable change because the coachee continues to be accountable to the coach for a period of time.

Ros offers coaching in organisational settings as well as Core Coaching for senior executives, both at their workplaces and in her own private practice. Coaching sessions typically last between an hour and an hour and a half.

Organisational Coaching is for people who shine in certain aspects of their professional life, but are blind to other elements of their performance or need support in areas such as appropriate communication, transition (eg return from maternity leave, promotion, or return from sickness or secondment) leadership and management.

Core Coaching is for people who are interested in challenging themselves by looking at underlying issues affecting either performance in business or social relationships. It combines the practical focus of coaching with the emotional aspects of therapy.