Article on fleet management software and data




Colin Tourick’s contribution to an article in Fleet News:

Industry consultant Professor Colin Tourick thinks that, for the first time, suppliers will connect multiple data sources to give a new type of real-time, proactive service to fleet drivers.

For example, the system could send the following text message to a driver if a fault is detected:

“Fifteen minutes ago your engine generated a major fault code which has been transmitted to us.

“We have provisionally booked your car in to XYZ Services tomorrow morning. Mr Jones is expecting you and they have reserved the parts.

“You can continue your journey by taking the 686 bus from outside the garage to your office. They run every 15 minutes from 7.25am. The journey will take 19 minutes. The car will be available to collect from 5pm.” Not so long ago, that kind of service would have been considered futuristic fantasy.

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