New Asset Finance International webinar series

Asset Finance International, the website for leasing experts around the world, has launched an ‘online conference’ for its 28,000 registered members, which Colin Tourick is chairing.

Experts on equipment finance, motor finance and fleet leasing from all major leasing regions across the world, are being asked to prepare and deliver presentations covering:

  1. An overview of their market in 2011
  2. Some positive developments in 2011
  3. Some negative developments in 2011
  4. Some reasons for lessors in their region/sector to be optimistic in 2012.
  5. The main challenges they will face in 2012

The first presentation has been recorded with Rafael Castillo-Triana of The Alta Group and you can download it here.

The series is sponsored by White Clarke Group.



What a year!

2011 proved quite eventful for us.

The highlights were that we:

  • Had 3 new books published
  • Worked on the development of a new pan-Asian leasing company
  • Worked on interesting projects in France and the Netherlands
  • Helped to run 4 Buckingham Forums
  • Worked on 9 small advisory projects, mainly for investors looking to buy into the UK fleet market
  • Helped 3 major groups go out to tender for their global fleet requirements
  • Developed our new price optimisation software
  • Ran training and coaching sessions in 7 of the largest organisations in the UK
  • Gave 11 public talks, mainly on fleet- and pricing- related topics
  • Had a monthly column published in Fleet Week on the Mathematics of Leasing
  • Had 12 other articles published
  • Had 20,000 visitors to our website
  • Sold nearly 3,000 books

Our plans for 2012 include:

  • Building on the success of the Buckingham Forums
  • Running fleet conferences in Australia and the Far East
  • Implementing pricing software and solutions in a number of finance and leasing companies
  • Publication of two new leasing books

Happy New Year!

Press Release – 3rd edition of Managing Your Company Cars published

Colin Tourick has today published the 3rd edition of his fleet textbook Managing Your Company Cars, just a fortnight after launching his new tax book Company Car and Van Tax 2011-12.

This massive textbook – 550 pages – has been fully updated to October 2011. It is a comprehensive guide to vehicle management and leasing for the beginner and expert.

It is published in association with ALD Automotive and the taxation chapter was developed in conjunction with KPMG.

You can read reviews and see the contents pages.

There is no similar book on the market. Earlier editions have sold in 26 countries across the world.

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What’s best – leasing or buying?

Published in Business Car Manager March 2011

Everyone has an opinion on whether it is best to lease or buy.

Pop into your local dealership and the salesperson will be happy to sell you a car. Ask them if you’d be better off buying or leasing it and my guess is they’ll say buying it. As several dealer salespeople have told me over the year “leasing complicates the sale”. Which of course, it does. More paperwork to be filled in (by you and the salesperson), a credit check and then, horror of horrors, the embarrassing moment that does happen occasionally, where the customer is turned down for finance and turns on his heel and walks out of the showroom. Which means the salesperson hasn’t just lost the chance to arrange the finance, they’ve also lost the chance to sell the car.
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Should you be extending your leases?

Published in Fleet News October 2010

This remains a hotly-debated topic amongst fleet managers. Leasing companies report that in mid 2008 around 18% of car leases went into extension. This increased to 27% in late 2009 and has since fallen to 21%.

The average lease extension period increased from 6.6 months in mid 2008 to a peak of 8.9 months and has now fallen back to 7.5 months.

Clearly, the peak is now over but many companies are still extending their leases.  So, should you be joining them? That depends.

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Getting the price right. A (hopefully) thought provoking article.

Published in Leasing World, October 2010

The leasing industry has been hit hard by the recession and has responded in several different ways. Everyone in the sector knows the stories about lessors cutting out broker business, seeking efficiencies, reducing headcount and so on.

Yet very few lessors have spent any time working out how to quote optimum prices in the market. By ‘optimum price’ I mean quoting the rental that is most likely to win the business whilst at the same time being as high as possible. Clearly, if you quote a price slightly higher than your competitor you will lose the deal. And if you quote well below your competitor you will win the deal but at a lower margin than you could have achieved. You should be trying to ensure that you select the price that is just below the level your competitor is likely to choose. Impossible? No, not at all.

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